Sun, 12/02/2018 - 00:00

After Entebbe and Kampala the Fish Festival now finally comes to Jinja. Taking place at Forever Resort Jinja on 2nd December 2018, the festival is a chance not only to try some delicious fish but also to learn more about the resource. You can explore which fish come from Lake Victoria – from Mukene to Nile perch, from Tilapia to Lungfish or Elephant Snout various types will be on offer. The ways fish is prepared seem endless: get inspired for your own kitchen at home and try something new at the festival!
Fish is generally considered a very healthy food being rich in protein, omega-3 fat acids and micro nutrients and therefore a valuable contribution to your diet. At the festival you can also learn more about the fishing business: where does your fish come from and what to watch out for when buying fish. You can learn how you as a consumer can support that fish is caught responsibly, sustainable and legally. Fishermen and experts in the field will share their knowledge with you. Find out more on how fish is processed and how it comes from the lake onto your plates.
But there will not just be food and information about fisheries: The festival will be a good mixture between delicious food, great entertainment and the chance to learn more about fisheries in Uganda. So stop by and bring your family! Entrance is 5k for adults and Kids are free. The Festivla has been organized by Perfect Events and Sponsored by GIZ - Responsible Fisheries Business Chain Project (RFBCP)

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