The composition of the LVFO is made of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Research Institutions of Partner States, Beach Management Units, and Associations of Fish Processors and Exporters who are coordinated by a Secretariat based in Jinja, Uganda.  Beach Management Unit are organizations of fishers, fish traders, boat owners, fish processors and other beach stakeholders who have traditionally depended on beach fisheries activities for their livelihood.

Organs of the Organization (Reference - LVFO Convention)

  1. The Sectoral Council of Ministers is the governing body of the Organization consisting of the Ministers responsible for Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Contracting Parties or their authorized representatives.  Currently, the Ministers are: Hon. Ssempijja Vincent Bamulangaki (MP) – Republic of Uganda  (Chairperson of the Sectoral Council), Mr. Willy Bett – Republic of Kenya (Vice Chairman  of the Sectoral Council), and Hon. Luhaga  Joelson Mpina (MP)– United Republic of Tanzania (Member of the Sectoral Council)


  1. The Coordination Committee which consists of the Chief Executive Officers of the Ministries dealing with aquaculture and fisheries matters in each of the Contracting Parties or their representatives.  These are the Permanent Secretaries / Principal Secretary;  Dr. Rashid Tamatamah (Chairperson of the Coordination Committee), Mr. Pius Wakabi Kasajja – Republic of Uganda (Vice Chairperson of the Coordination Committee) and, Prof. Micheni Japhet Ntiba – Republic of Kenya (Member of the Coordination Committee)


  1. The Senior Officials consist of members who head departments responsible for fisheries and aquaculture management and the heads of the departments responsible for fisheries and aquaculture research in each of the Contracting Parties, or their authorized representatives.  Currently there are six members heading the F&A Management & Research institutions; Mr. Emmanuel Bulayi – FM URT (Chairperson of the Committee), Dr. Edward Rukuunya – FM RU (Vice Chair of the Committee), Ms. Susan Imende – FM RK (Member of the Committee), Dr. Semvua Mzighani – FR URT (Member of Committee), Dr. Anthony Taabu-Munyaho – FR RU (member of the Committee) and Dr. James Njiru – FR RK (member of the Committee).


  1. The Fisheries Management Technical Committee and Scientific Technical Committee constitute heads of departments responsible for fisheries management of the Contracting Parties or their authorized representations


  1. The Working Groups advise the Senior Officials on matters within their areas of competence.


  1. The Permanent Secretariat is headed by an Executive Secretary who is appointed by the Sectoral Council of Ministers for a period of five years non-renewable on such conditions as it may determine and the position is subject to rotation among the Contracting Parties. The current Executive Secretary is Dr. Shigalla Mahongo.



LVFO Structure

LVFO Secretariat Structure